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Sabtu, 15 November 2014

Crack Wpa/wps In Window With Dumpper V.60.7

A Windows wireless auditing tool designed to scan for networks and lists default WPS pins derived from certain brands / vendors who calculate these Pins either by using the network name or MAC address. 
You can even connect to the networks or enter networks manually if you are too far from the AP. Note that this is a Spanish app, and I am not sure it is available in English but it is straight forward.


  • Scan wireless networks and displays key by default networks known
  • Scans networks Wps pin enabled and displays the default networks known
  • Manage wireless profiles and displays its parameters
  • System upgrade from the same program

New Vodafone, Turkish Language, WLAN_XXXX bug fix, added Movistar

● Wps: Fixed a bug that affected the networks WLAN_XXXX mac 00: 1A: 2B
● Wps: 12345670 Added default pin for mac networks MOVISTAR_XXXX F8: 7F: 39
● Wps: Added algorithm for the generation of default pin Vodafone networks arcadyan
● Wps: Modified the system to view and select the generic pin used for the same type of mac
● Other: Added Turkish language selector
 Download : Dumpper V.60.7
Download : JumpStart
Download : WinPcap