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Rabu, 29 Disember 2010

Wireless Drivers

Wireless Driver compatibility breakdown:

BackTrack contains the default mac802.11 wireless drivers present in the kernel, with several patches that enhance wireless injection attacks.In addition to the stock (and patched) drivers, we have added some additional drivers to the distribution. In several occasions, we included older ieee802.11 drivers, for increased stability during wireless audits. The following list is a breakdown of the “external” drivers.

  • r8187 – IEEE802.11 drivers
  • madwifi-ng – IEEE802.11 atheros drivers
  • rt73 k2wrlz - IEEE802.11 rt73 drivers
  • broadcom hybrid – STA drivers (no injection)
  • rt2860 – STA Drivers (no injection)
  • rt2870 – STA Drivers (no injection)
  • rt3070 – STA Drivers (no injection)

Stuff that’s known NOT to work:

  • Broadcom wireless drivers – (some work, some dont – check out the b43 hardware compatibility page)
  • rt3070 wont play nice with monitor mode – check walk-around.

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